My show at the Llewellyn Alexander in January and Februaray is now over and was the most successful show ever. Sadly it was also the last, as the owners have decided to retire after a long working life, so the Llewellyn Alexander is now no more.

I have been taken on by several new galleries to me in areas in which I haven’t shown before, and the first of these currently has a joint show running in Birmingham, the Purple Gallery, and work is selling well there from the start.

I have work opening in the summer joint show at the Albany Gallery in Cardiff in early July and at Island Fine Arts in their new Chichester gallery later that month, as well as again at the Geedon Gallery in Fingringhoe in October.

I was very pleased to have my painting accepted and hung at the Royal Academy Summer Show this year on their 250th anniversary, and its prominent position as one of the first paintings on view in the first gallery has promoted a lot of interest.

I was also lucky enough to sell a number of large paintings to a big corporate Chinese project this summer. It is always great to have the opportunity to work on a larger scale thn would normally be possible on a domestic level.

My next solo bi-annual show at the Russell Gallery in Putney will be in  September and this will run from 13th-29th September.

I will be showing in all the joint shows and my regular galleries throughout the year and  I will again be working at the Childwickbury Art Fair in the summer on 6th, 7th and 8th July.

In September (27th Sept-2nd Oct) I am delighted to announce that I have been asked to take part in the large Art4Army exhibition and hope you will support this worthwhile and exciting event.

My work will appear in both the RWS and NEAC annual shows as ever.

Keep an eye on my website for other galleries and changing news.


My book is available at all good bookshops and online, title Adventurous Watercolours, published by Batsford ISBN number 978-1-906388-74-4. The dvd of the same title is available through APV Films

Keep an eye on this site for updates and new information and do use the contact page for any queries and to enquire about purchasing work. The images on this site are all currently for sale and vary in price from £600-£6000.

I hope that you enjoy browsing