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Now approaching autumn, with shows behind me and lots more ahead, here is a guide of where best to see my work over the next few months.

My bi-annual solo exhibition at the Russell Gallery in Putney will open shortly on 18th September, and the show is already on the website with purchases possible from receipt of catalogue. The work will be in the gallery from 6th September awaiting hanging prior to opening.

My first solo show at Callaghan Fine Paintings will open on 20th September and continue through most of October. Keep an eye on their website for the works to be displyed there, or request a catlogue from them and have a browse in their gallery.

That will bring me back to the joint shows at the RWS and NEAC as well as autumn and Christmas shows and the AAF in Battersea.

My annual show at Llewellyn Alexander at Waterloo in London is set for February again in 2015 and they hold some important paintings for me throughout the year that can be viewed by request in the gallery and previewed through my name on the directors choice tab of their website.

John Robertson in Edenbridge, the Walker Galleries in Harrogate, the Jerram Gallery in Sherborne, Callaghan Fine paintings in Shrewsbury and John Noott in the Cotswolds also all keep stock of my work and will be happy to show you works that are not on display as well as those that are.

We still have a few places on our September course in Alonnisos in the Greek islands as well as one place remaining on the autumn Borrowdale course so don't delay if you want to sign up for these. As the Bodrugan course was so full this year in Cornwall I already have the dates for next year for 2 courses there, one in June and one in October, and the other evnues for 2015 will be posted on my site in the next couple of months. All details can be viewed and documents downloaded on the teaching page of my website!

My book is available at all good bookshops and online, title Adventurous Watercolours, published by Batsford ISBN number 978-1-906388=74-4. The dvd of the same title is available through APV Films www.apvfilms.com.

Keep an eye on this site for updates and new information and do use the contact page for any queries and to enquire about purchasing work. The images on this site are all currently for sale and vary in price from 500-6000.

We hope that you enjoy browsing.
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